About iApply - Worlds First AI Powered Career Finder

Transitioning Job Hunt with Ai

iApply was created for the Job seekers, worldwide who want to experience the ultimate freedom from the overwhelming job hunt. We offer the Ai powered smart, convenient solution that connects professionals with potential job opportunities across the globe without any effort.

Finding jobs was already draining, and downsizing during and after the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown made it even more challenging. Dropping CVs on various portals, struggling to build competitive portfolios, and running after your seniors or mentors for a single opportunity can be overwhelming, especially when you are losing hope of landing your dream job.
iApply.ai is the world's 1st and only 100% automated job hunt solution that is powered by Artificial Intelligence Algorithm, transforming the outdated and exhausting ways of applying for a job. You can just Netflix and chill without fretting about missing any potential opportunities across the industries of your choice, while iApply's Ai Algorithm hunts online jobs in UAE or high paying jobs in Boston UK for you.

Whether it’s your first job or a dream job, you’re unemployed or an experienced professional, joining iApply.ai will save your time and energy from the draining process of finding the right job. Make the most of the automated job search with iApply. We offer assistance to unemployed job seekers, new graduates, and skilled workers looking for work.

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Our Vision

Being a candidate for a new position can be difficult. The world’s economies are rapidly changing and are moving towards digitalization and automation. This is causing a lot of people to lose their jobs. The majority of job seekers have found it hard to find work in such times. iApply will return to job seekers what artificial intelligence and digitalization might have taken away from them: their jobs.

As traditional methods of finding a job have become outdated and tedious, we aim to make it easier for people around the world to find the right job. Many people all over the globe struggle to find better careers or find work in the right places. iApply empowers its users with an advanced algorithm of artificial intelligence (assistant), which will help them to reach more people and get exposure to job opportunities around the globe.

Our Mission

With global inflation, economic recession, and rising unemployment, iApply.ai offers to provide an ultimate solution to help people find the right jobs and build successful careers.

The mission is to leverage the Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to assist the users and make their way to employment hassle-free.

We want you to never settle for less or just "any job" because you are tired of applying and never hearing back. iApply.ai aims to create many lucrative job opportunities where you pick your employer and not the other way round. We empower you to choose your dream job and not work for someone you do not want to.

At iApply.ai, we aim to reduce unemployment and provide maximum accessibility to the job seekers with minimum effort.

With zero time or effort, using our powerful Ai Assistance the entire process of job hunt is now effortlessly easy and 100% result oriented.

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Why iApply

The world's economy and corporate sectors have witnessed the biggest digital paradigm in the last decade. Everything is about automation and digitalization.

Our vision is to replace the tedious, exhausting ways of finding jobs with accessible employment opportunities- all under your fingertips.

Time and energy saver. Automation is critical when it comes to saving time and eliminating manual efforts. With iApply, you no longer have to spend hours browsing jobs online or going from one place to another, dropping your resumes and cracking your heels hunting for a suitable job. Instead, please give us your details and invest the time and energy in yourself.

Organize and track. Your profile can be haphazard, or you have lost track of how many places you have dropped your resume. iApply organizes all your profile details and uploads them on an innovative dashboard that will show the potential insights for the jobs you have applied to.

Global work opportunities. iApply.ai brings you job searches from around the world. You can pick three job titles in three countries and land infinite job opportunities.

Relax. You have to complete your profile details on iApply, and then we will take care of the rest. After that, you can relax until you land your dream job!

Saves Time

Stop wasting time trying to search for the right job. Use your hours to enroll in courses, working with mentors or simply - exploring the world while iApply works on your behalf.

Smart Search

iApply optimizes & presents your profile to unlimited job opportunities relevant to your professional expertise and requirement getting you more results than you ever imagined. Its time to enjoy a faster & smarter job hunt that ever before.


iApply’s Powerful Ai algorithm scans the entire web, identifies the best job matches and automatically applies to the positions on your behalf. Experience effortless access to 4000 real-time posted jobs per month. Our AI will open the door to endless possibilities.

Relax and Enjoy

Imagine a personal Ai Assistant that continuously applies to thousand of job opportunities 24/7, across 3 countries of your choice, increasing your chances of getting hired to a 100% while you sit back and relax!

Let Ai Intelligence Assist Your Job Search Process

Automate everything with iApply!